What are the best guns to use for playing first-person shooting games?

What are the best guns to use for playing first-person shooting games?

What weapon should you use?

The choice will depend on you. The guns in the counter strike are different from the others but it does not mean you cannot use them. Some guns are powerful and it is also qualified as a weapon. Beyond that, there are still players that are still using only a handful of weapons. It also doesn’t mean that you follow what they are doing as well. The important thing is you are positive using your weapon and you are certain of using it. For you to know more about what kind of weapon you need to use in the game. Below is the list of guns that are perfect for counter strike 1.6 no steam.


The P2000 and USP-S are the king of eco rounds and one tap on pistols. It also has the best spawn pistol in all the games of counter strike. But when you use the USP-S it is not easy the reason is it has a lower ammo count. For the beginners they usually use P2000. If you are looking for a one-tap head then the best thing you use is USP-S.


The CT-exclusive AUG is sometimes reasoned as the meh weapon. Using the weapon is not that really bad it just did not stand out. Its armor penetration is good and the accuracy particularly when using the scope. It is used for strong protection once it is used properly.

When you choose between sniper and assault rifle the AUG is the best use. It is also good for guarding and camping.


Using P250 is one of the favorites among beginners and pro users. It is the most well-known pistol in Counter-Strike 1.6. It is also the same as what Deagle does but it is more accurate and functional. The Deagle is also called Desert Eagle which is more powerful than the two. But it is more expensive.

When you are trying to choose the P250 you can also buy to add more grenades for the next round. And in the high stakes and professional matches, it has the difference between win or loss.


It is well known for mid and late eco rounds because it gives low cost. It is qualified in killing terrorists in one shot. Its tight bullet can spread in a close range. Which makes the Mag-7 for a perfect defense once it is played in small corridors. You need to be careful when using this as it moves at a slow speed and its reload time.