Trending Tamil Comedy Web Series On Aha

Trending Tamil Comedy Web Series On Aha

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Mad Company is one of the latest Tamil web series. You can enjoy the movie with your family on the weekend and have a great time.

The cast of mad Company

Mad Company is an 8-episode series directed by Raja Ramamurthy. The movie was produced by Vignesh Vijaykumar. The casting of Mad Company is excellent and selected. The cast of Mad Company involves Prasanna, Dhanya Balakrishna and Kaniha.

Story of mad Company

The plot of Mad Company portrays the lead AK, who is a renowned movie star in his field. He further founded a company after he was disgracefully banned from films. The Company that he founded, Mad Company, assisted in providing support to individuals who were in need of it.

The Company then exploited the requirements of individuals who longed for particular individuals or loved ones to help fill the void in their life.

 Arman, a nemesis of AK, owns a new channel directed by all his channel members to tarnish the reputation of Mad Company.

What to expect from Mad Company?

Mad Company is one of the latest hits of comedy web series. The series has a very unique and creative plot. The theme of the movie is very entertaining and experimental. It has a quirky hit to itself.

The concept of the movie is very relatable and heartwarming for most viewers being a very popular choice.

There are no boring parts in the services, and it is very quirky. This is overall a great fun watch for a day when you want to relax and spend some time. You can also watch this movie with your family and laugh and bond over it.

Watch the latest Comedy web series on Aha

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