The rate of metabolism determines the length of time THC takes to perceive a change.

The rate of metabolism determines the length of time THC takes to perceive a change.


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Factors that influence the time it takes to detect THC

To summarise, the length of time that THC remains in your system may be influenced primarily by the following factors:

Cannabis Potency: A marijuana strain containing 30 percent THC will guarantee that metabolites stay in your system for a longer period than a strain containing 15 percent THC. To be clear, this is supposing you eat the same quantity of both.

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Consumption regularly: One-time and occasional users may be able to elude capture after a few days. On the other hand, regular and chronic users may have residues of THC-COOH in their systems for months at a time!

Body Fat: THC attaches to lipids, which include but are not limited to body fat, and acts as a neurotransmitter. Lean users will remove THC out of their systems more quickly than those who have larger quantities of fat in their bodies.

Exercise intensity: People who exercise often have a lower body fat percentage than those who do not exercise much. This implies that fewer metabolites will be able to accumulate in fat cells. However, don’t mistake believing that you can sweat out the THC. In addition to pee, a tiny amount of the drug is excreted in physiological fluids other than the urine. The majority of metabolites are eliminated via your feces.


The detection window for urine and follicle testing is much longer than blood and saliva tests. If you have acidic urine, the detection window is reduced in length and is less effective.