Know Some Of The Less Used Features In Your Car

Know Some Of The Less Used Features In Your Car

Today’s cars are more than just a utility of transportation. With advanced in-car automobile technologies, the modern cars offer entertainment and transport like never before. While there are many features that make our life easier, there are many features look to be unwanted, buy they simply add up the car price. In this short write up, we will talk about these features that are not needed in your car. People who sell used cars in phoenix agree with this write-up. GPS Navigation is a feature that seems to be an unnecessary as most of the car users can get this facility in their mobile phones.

 Also, the cost of factory-installed GPS system is too much expensive and added in the car price. It is wise to use mobile phone for GPS tracking. Besides adding cost, this feature will confuse the driver who uses mobile phone for GPS. When it comes to buttons on the steering wheel, essentials can be simplified and controls can be fixed in the dash board. In fact, these additional features even reduce the overall aesthetic car and make your car to appear like a race car. Remember, the main function of the steering wheel is to steer the car.

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Avoid mirror link

Mirroring your mobile phone with your home television is fine, but the same feature in your car’s entertainment screen makes no sense, except adding the cost. Also, you are still required to use your phone for operate Mirror link. This feature adds an additional cost and thereby increases the price of your car with a big margin. This feature is permissible when you pay Cash for Junk Cars for refurbishment works.

In some cars, the dashboard screen switched to night vision mode to show the path with greater details. This seems to be silly idea when you use the headlight which has enough power to see the read ahead. The above-said list is just a sample as more items can be added on. If you are a smart buyer, you need to take into consideration of these features which are termed as ‘useless’ for normal passenger cars. Remember the fact that every additional feature exponentially adds up your car price.