Ice Cream Cups And Containers: Which One You Need?

Ice Cream Cups And Containers: Which One You Need?

You will notice two different types of products for sale – ice cream containers and ice cream cups. At first glance, these two products look similar, but they are very different if you thoroughly check them.

Ice cream cups versus ice cream containers

The ice cream sundae cups have an open-top without the support of a lid. Meaning, it is designed for single-serving. It is also called a one-off use online. These cups can be for single servings of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato that customers tend to eat in your shop or a take-out. Thus, ice cream cups are designed to provide ice cream here and now.

The ice cream containers are similar, it is taller and designed to hold a lid. It is designed to hold the ice cream for a long period, whether in a single serving inside the freezer or a customer’s home freezer. Containers are designed to store ice cream for the long term.

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If your business is selling single-serve ice cream, you will be focusing on buying ice cream cups. But, if you sell pre-packaged ice cream, you need to store it inside a container.

The ice cream cup sizes

Similar to the ice cream containers, the ice cream cups are also available in a variety of sizes. Four ounces of ice cream cups is the smallest size. These cups can hold a single ice cream scoop. It can also store a small frozen yogurt serving.

Most frozen yogurt, gelato, and ice cream use these cups for the smallest serving sizes. The four ounces capacity is usually enough for those looking for a small snack. 5.5 ounces is the next largest ice cream cup size. It is a large size enough to hold 2-3 scoops of ice cream or a moderate to a large serving of frozen yogurt.

The four and 5.5 ounces cups are typically manufactured using durable plastic cups and are designed for reusable cups. These plastic ice cream cups come in a range of different dimensions, sizes, and capacities. The 5-ounce plastic cups have a wide circumference and shallow depth. These are designed for ice cream sundaes.

The clean and white cups are perfect for showing off the artful sundaes of different colors and flavors with lots of toppings, such as chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, or whipped cream. Larger 8-ounce plastic sundae cups are available at a larger size option for your regular or large servings. Aside from a sundae cup, parfait cups are also available.