3 Proven Ideas to Raise a Smart and Confident Kid

3 Proven Ideas to Raise a Smart and Confident Kid

For the mental health & social happiness of a child, self-esteem is very important. It is a base of the child’s well-being & key to success. At any age, what you think and feel about yourself will affect on how you act. Just think about the time when you felt very good about yourself. Probably you found it simple to get nicely with others & feel good. Try out these tips & advice in helping to raise a smart and confident.

Why Do Self-Esteem Matters?

Children who feel very good about themselves generally have that confidence of trying out new things. They’re likely to do their best and they feel proud about whatever they are able to do. This self-esteem helps your kids to cope with any mistakes. This helps them to try again, even though they fail. Thus, self-esteem helps your kids to do better even at school, home, and friends.

Children with the low self-esteem will feel a bit unsure about themselves. Suppose they think others will not accept them, then they might not join in. Also, they will let others to treat them poorly and have a tough time to stand up for themselves. Kids with poor self-esteem find this tough to cope while they make any mistake, fail or lose. Thus, they might not do and they could.

  1. Watch out

When it turns out, there’re some better ways you can build your child self-esteem than doing praise for everything that they do. To do so, you need to learn to go back & let your kid take the risks, solve problems, make choices, as well as stick to what they started.

  1. Offer clear feedback.

It is tough to talk to children about things they want to improve at. However, addressing such topics clearly will actually help your kid to develop the self-esteem. Key is talking about challenges in the way that will motivate them to improve without even making them feel very bad about themselves.

  1. Model confidence

Even though you are not feeling it! But, seeing you to tackle the new tasks with lots of preparation and optimism sets a very good example for your kids. That does not mean you need to pretend being perfect. Do recognize your anxiety, and don’t focus over it—just focus on positive things that you do to get things ready.

Confidence & self-esteem aren’t about succeeding at all thing, they are staying resilient to keep trying & not getting distressed if you are not doing the best.